People, Our People are the Key to our Success!

Production Team

Pelopac Production Team

Our experienced and dedicated production team makes every effort to provide you with highest quality products, while continuously improving their expertise through extensive training and other learning opportunities.

Technical Team

Production Supervisors

Pelopac Technical Team

Pelopac Production Supervisors

Management Team

Pelopac Management Team

Our management team is committed to providing outstanding products and services – the strongest foundation for any collaboration. We work closely together with our clients to develop innovative, quality concepts and products for their markets, while striving to take the hassle out of the logistics of doing business abroad.

Let us introduce ourselves:

Sotiris Kitrilakis
Sotiris Kitrilakis
Founder & Chairman of the Board
Constantinos Constantinidis
Constantinos Constantinidis
Managing Director
Vasilis Kamariaris Vasilis Kamariaris
Plant Manager
Kostas Pacheos Kostas Pacheos
Sourcing & Purchasing Manager
Katerina Voyatzi Katerina Voyatzi
B.Sc. Food Technology,
B.Sc. Animal Husbandry
Quality Assurance Manager
Fani Chrisomalidou Fani Chrisomalidou
Customer Service Manager
Christos Tsartsaris Christos Tsartsaris
M.Sc. Chemical & Biomedical Engineering,
B.Sc. Chemical Engineering
Production Manager
Giorgos Karastamatis Giorgos Karastamatis
Kyriakos Bakirtzis Kyriakos Bakirtzis
Accounting/Data Processing
Athena Papachristou Athena Papachristou
Production Data Processing
Sofia Karabourouni Sofia Karabourouni
Warehouse Manager
Apostolos Venetis Apostolos Venetis
Head Technician
Elke Veenendaal Elke Veenendaal
Business Development Associate
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